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Using Windows relative file path?

Question asked by BillisSaved on Oct 17, 2013
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Hey all,


Thanks in advance for any assistance and/or advice you are willing to provide! I'm attempting to implement the attachment portion of the Send Mail script. It needs to work for Windows and Mac machines. Setting up a relative file path for the Macs was simple, but I can't get the relative path to work for Windows users. Here is an example of the path format I used:




Filemaker changes the path to this:




If I substitute the %username% variable with the actual username the script works as expected, which seems to indicate the variable I'm trying to use is incorrect. I also tried setting the file path as a variable and inserting it to the file path dialog box, but that didn't work either. Any help you can offer would be greatly appeciated! Thanks and have a great day!


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