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    Make Advance Search


      hii ,


      if there anyoen help me in make advance search ??


      i want make my owen application and include advance search " search by word..char...same word... etc "

      there is some helpfull oprerators but i think its hard for my end user to use them so i want way make it Automaticly search by word " for example" ..


      so anyone can link me usefull topic or some site talk about that??



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          Well, FileMaker has some pretty intuitive tools that they have implemented.  You can always recreate a user interface, but I suggest you first train users on the tools FileMaker spent a lot of time developing first.  When in find mode, clicking in a field, click on the "Insert Operators" pull down menu to be given a list of very powerful tools to search by and the include:




          And while FileMaker's tool set it is very powerful, you can always get more powerful with SQL if you want to develop a more advanced search.  But I find that people who want more advanced search than FileMaker give usually want their own control of the SQL. 


          The FileMaker search will search for any word in a text field or groups of words.  The example you made of "for example" will search a field in FileMaker and find any resulting value that has "for" and "example" in it.  You could also get into pattern count functions and lots of other things.  But I think FileMaker already has built in what you are looking for. 

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            hi taylorsharpe ,


            thanx for respons , can i put those operators in buttons command? i mean want make button do " mactch whole word " only then perform find , other one do rang only .


            so process at my application will be like this ... press find button .. go to find mode -new layout -... fill fields .. press other button option -mactch whole word ,any one digit , range , ...rtc -


            finally perform find and back to orginal layout


            and its not matter how many records i have now , cuz this application have thousand record like up 500k and use normal find mode take time until get result

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              Yes, you can dress up a layout to include buttons for any of these functions.  But it sounds like you just want to do a normal FileMaker Find that you put a series of words in the field, press the Find button, and it will find any record that has those words in it.  Assuming you have created an indexed field, even 500,000 records is no problem for FileMaker.  Personally, I find the simple FileMaker technique of entering the list of words you want into a field in Find mode and pressing enter about as simple as it can be for users, so I am not sure what you can do besides make a nice looking 3D search button. 


              There are other kinds of User Interface tools and buttons to set up the Find and make it intuitive for users.  Personally, I find that many people are familiar with the Google type search engine that filters as you type.  You can Google some FileMaker web pages that have this scripting example, and one of them is at:  http://filemakerinspirations.com/2009/10/live-as-you-type-search-in-filemaker/