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    Gracefully exit kiosk mode


      I'm developing a database that will ultimately be in kiosk mode. I understand that I need to have a way to quit out of the app. What I don't understand is how you put that in without it being available to just anyone who steps up to the kiosk. The intention is that it would be a touch-screen solution without a keyboard. This would be located where anyone walking into the lobby would be able to use it, so obviously, I don't want just anyone to be able to close it out.




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          I start by saying that I haven't actually used kiosk mode, but…


          I would probably have a hidden button somewhere that would take you to another layout or dialog that prompts for a password or cancel. This could be a simple if password_field = "SuperSecretPassword" then let you quit, or other admin-related tasks. (Not sure how "secure" storing a password string as plain text in a script step is.) Or you might be able to actually re-login with a different user and password, and that could open up other layouts for admin tasks.




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            I suppose the easiest solution would be to have a keyboard that can be used with it when needed for getting out of the database. Perhaps a wireless one that could be used as needed. Then have a key combination that would do a script that closes it out.