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    FileMaker 12.0v5 and Mavericks


      After the release of the v5 updater I decided to give FM12 a go on the Gold Master of OS X Mavericks.


      One issue that I've seen is that the styles applied to fields don't always appear to stick. These are fields NOT using a FM12 layout theme (using Classic) and have applied my own states to the fields. A few times I have seen the styles vanish and I have to re-apply them. The different states (hover, focus, pressed, normal) seem to have changed a bit as well.


      In browse mode, clicking on white space made a couple of the fields "pressed" state trigger. When the mouse was released the affected fields did not re-draw properly. The top borders were clipped and would not restore to proper state without dropping into Layout mode and back to Browse


      Trying an Undo command also jumped back 3 actions rather than just 1. I wasn't completely paying attention when I hit the keystroke so I can't completely confirm that one but multiple things moved when I was expecting 1 field to shift back.


      Still a work in progress. Will wait a bit before installing on the primary drives.


      Dave Zakary

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          that sounds horrible - can anyone confirm this ?


          is it happening with 12v5 too or was this already your test with 12v5 ? see my other post about this update ... other people don´t worry ...




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            This was the Gold Master of Mavericks with 12v5. I did not see the behavior with the pre-release versions of Mavericks running the pre-v5 version of FileMaker 12.

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              it should be the other way round, shouldn´t it ?

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                A couple other things I've found after 3 days of Mavericks use...


                In a very simple looping script, on a layout in Table view, the Freeze Window command doesn't freeze so well. The script does a basic Perform Find, check the contents of a field and if it fails the test it sets the content. Lots of screen flashing. It's only the text formatting bar and the field headers that flash.


                Next one, the same looping script crashes FM12 v5 consistently after a few thousand loops. The found set its working on is about 65,000 records.


                Both of these actions worked fine on FM11.


                Finally, Time Machine backups. I had to restore another file from a Time Machine backup. The backups only go back as far as the installation date. Of course, the file I needed was from a couple weeks back. I could find the file, but I had to do it manually, hunting through the Time Machine drive and folders to get the version I needed.

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                  if you think, that this is reproducable, you should report this as a bug to FileMaker.

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                    Hi David,


                    I had a similar problem. I installed 12.0v and Mavericks and, while all the other files were running smoothly, a particular one, containing 122.000 records crashed as soon as the file was opened.


                    No way to make it work.


                    I had to reinstall the original FileMaker 12.01 from the CD and, without updates. Everything turned back normal.


                    I will report this to FileMaker call center today.


                    With time machine I had similar problems with other files I needed to get back in their state at the moment they were backed-up.

                    All the files maintain the same name and you could hardly tell which you need except from the window of the folder with the date.

                    But there was a mess up, surely due to my fault, and after I opened a file of several days ago and found it was not the one I needed, Previous and following files, in different date-folders, were the same !?!?


                    Now I have a simple removable hard disk attached via USB and, one or twice a day or more, if needed, I do a back-up of the folder with my "Important" files on folder named, say  "29.work"  where the number is the day of the month. In this manner I always have the lastest 30 days of back-up, each a different one, and all is more clear.