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    Internet browsers, SQL and .NET API with FileMaker Server


      I'm absolutely green when it comes to FileMaker and the internet. Save IWP which is limited to a handful of concurrent users. I know a .net developer who wants to see if he can use my hosted FileMaker 12 databases/tables to populate a web site he's developing. I've heard of a php front end can you do the same with .net?


      He writes...

      [1] Using your FileMaker database which uses an online service that you already have.


      [2] Connect to a table or tables in this database and run SQL queries on it so the returned dataset can be used to display information on a website hosted on my server running .NET


      [3] To do this the server you are using would need to allow a connection from an external server across the internet. Does FM Server dothis?


      [4] Alternatively and what would be much better is if the service that you are using has an API (a bit like eBay does) that provides a method for querying your database using something like a Web Service.


      Can you find out what services are available on the FileMaker server?


      Can anyone help me answer his questions? Or point me in the right direction?