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File crashing during conversion fp5 to fp7

Question asked by AnthonyLambert on Oct 18, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2013 by gdurniak

I am converting 54 fp5 files to fp7 (using FileMaker 11) for a client, prior to ultimately converting to fmp12. 53 files have converted correctly. 1 file, however, crashes during the conversion, at the part where layouts are being converted. (I've checked the log and it successfully converts the value lists then nothing else; layouts are done after value lists.)


I've gone into the fp5 file, deleted half of the layouts, tried the conversion and it crashes. Unfortunately, when I take the original file and delete the other half of the layouts, it also crashes. So it doesn't seem to be a problem with one layout.


I have tried on Mac and Windows, with the same result.


I have run all of the 54 fp5 files through Metadata Magic (MDM) and there are no errors identified with layouts in the problem file. Just to elinimate absolutely anything that might be relevant, in my original conversion I used files in which the file references had been fixed using MDM. So I tried to convert the original of the problem file, ie the one that had *not* had its file references fixed, and it crashes at the same point.


The file works correctly in FileMaker 6: there is absolutely zero evidence of corruption. MDM does, however, record that it was recovered once in the past and has also been closed improperly sixteen times. I don't have development originals because this is not a database that we developed; it was either done in-house or by another developer (then modified extensively inhouse).


FMDiff doesn't throw up any issues (though as I say, I don't have a clean development original with which to compare).


Have I exhuasted all options? Does the file need to be rewritten in fp7 format?



Anthony Lambert