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Cannot Start IWB on FMPA12 Mac 10.8.x

Question asked by flybynight on Oct 18, 2013
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I have a little project that I do once a year for my old high school's theatre department. I do their programs and we include head shots and bios for everyone. The students type up the bios and give them to me to make intot he program with InDesign. I have a FMP file set up that I can export a tagged txt file with all of my InDesign styles applied. I usually just use FMP on my home computer with IWP and have port forwarding set up to make it accessible from the outside world. I have the students copy/paste from whatever they type the bios with, into the FMP file, so the names, grade, role, bio, etc are consistently in a field. I only need it up for a couple of days a year, and has worked great for several years and versions now…


Now the problem:

Since last year, I have upgraded to FMP Advanced, and upgraded my iMac in early 2013. Now when it comes time to fire this solution up again, I get a message saying Error: “FileMaker cannot share files over the Web because Instant Web Publishing could not be started." No reason given.

I did do some searching here and online. I've made sure that no other versions of FMP have IWP enabled. I've rebooted. I've deleted the web.prefs file from the application > Extensions > Web Support folder.


I know it worked last year with FMP 12 (not advanced) on my previous iMac, running whatever was the current version of OS X at that time.

I was running 12 v3, and just did the v5 upgrade, but that didn't change behavior.


Out of curiousity, I did try to enable it in FMP 12 and FMP 11 that I have installed, and I get the same error.


Anything else I should check to get this working?