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    Cannot Start IWB on FMPA12 Mac 10.8.x



      I have a little project that I do once a year for my old high school's theatre department. I do their programs and we include head shots and bios for everyone. The students type up the bios and give them to me to make intot he program with InDesign. I have a FMP file set up that I can export a tagged txt file with all of my InDesign styles applied. I usually just use FMP on my home computer with IWP and have port forwarding set up to make it accessible from the outside world. I have the students copy/paste from whatever they type the bios with, into the FMP file, so the names, grade, role, bio, etc are consistently in a field. I only need it up for a couple of days a year, and has worked great for several years and versions now…


      Now the problem:

      Since last year, I have upgraded to FMP Advanced, and upgraded my iMac in early 2013. Now when it comes time to fire this solution up again, I get a message saying Error: “FileMaker cannot share files over the Web because Instant Web Publishing could not be started." No reason given.

      I did do some searching here and online. I've made sure that no other versions of FMP have IWP enabled. I've rebooted. I've deleted the web.prefs file from the application > Extensions > Web Support folder.


      I know it worked last year with FMP 12 (not advanced) on my previous iMac, running whatever was the current version of OS X at that time.

      I was running 12 v3, and just did the v5 upgrade, but that didn't change behavior.


      Out of curiousity, I did try to enable it in FMP 12 and FMP 11 that I have installed, and I get the same error.


      Anything else I should check to get this working?




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          Actually, I've never tried IWP from FMP or FMPA.  I am going to assume that your'e not running a server version of Mac OS X (If so, go to the Server Admin to make sure Web sharing is on).  If not, you have to turn on the Apache web service.  It is not longer a normal System Preference option in Mountain Lion.  So you have to do some manual configuration with Terminal.  The instructions are at:  http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-57481978-263/how-to-enable-web-sharing-in-os-x-mountain-lion/ 


          Mac OS X Server costs $30 and is a lot easier than hacking a regular version of Mac OS X.  I would spend the $30 to make it easier to configure web sharing and all other server services if I was running a server. 


          And if you don't mind spending a little money and making FIleMaker really elegant, why not spluge and get FileMaker Server which will run as a service and you don't have to always be logged into FileMaker for it to work.  Also, it will do many other things like server side scripts and automatic backups.  FYI, I forget if regular server comes with IWP, but I think it does.  Check on that though.  I forget since I'm always running the advanced server. 

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            flybynight wrote:


            I get a message saying Error: “FileMaker cannot share files over the Web because Instant Web Publishing could not be started." No reason given.





            Anything else I should check to get this working?




            Hi Shawn,


            I would suggest checking is to see if there is some service which is listening on port 5003 of the machine in question.  (This needn't be limited to a rogue instance of FMP/A.)


            I say the above because, when configured to run IWP, FMP/A will show the startup error message you describe if there is already some other service which is listening on port 5003.


            As noted by Wim in a different thread regarding a similar discussion ( https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/123516 ), one needn't limit troubleshooting to just looking at port 5003, but it is a good place to start.




            As a little bit of extra info:


            While the error message that one is likely see if port 5003 is already in use looks like something this:


            error 01.png




            You would probably have seen a slightly different flavor of error message had the port conflict just been limited to the configured IWP port:


            error 02.png


            So, to reiterate:


            Given what you are seeing, I would theorize a port conflict which goes beyond the configured IWP port, and the first port I would check out would be 5003.


            The problem might be a port conflict somewhere else, but port 5003 is a good place to start.




            To see if something is already listening on port 5003, I would do the following:


               - Restart the machine.

               - Do not launch any version of FM.

               - Open up a Terminal window.

               - Run the following command in the Terminal window:


                    sudo lsof -P -i :5003


              ( Note that the above command will require an Administrator password. )


            The above command should list lines of network activity where a port numbered 5003 is in use.  If it returns output that suggests that something is listening on port 5003, then the next thing to do would be to determine what process is listening on 5003, and then exercise some judgment as to whether or not it should really be listening on that port, i.e. determine if it can be stopped, or perhaps it could be listening on some other port, since 5003 is reserved for FM use.  A case example for this type of scenario is the thread that I cited above -- in that thread, it turned out that there was indeed another process listening on port 5003 of the OP's machine.




            Just to help illustrate the lsof output:


            Here is an example of what the output from   sudo lsof -P -i: 5003   might look like under normal cirsumstances, where FM is listening on port 5003:





            Lastly - some related loose ends:


              1) FMS does not come with IWP; FMSA does come with IWP.


              2) A reference page for the lsof command:  https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/Darwin/Reference/ManPages/man8/lsof.8.html





            Hope some of this helps, Shawn.


            Good luck & best!



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              Thank you both for your feedback. I ended up running the installer again and customizing by unchecking FMP and just checking web services. That seemed to do the trick.


              Taylor, I'm well aware of the benefits of FMS, and use it at my day job. As Steve pointed out, FMS does not include IWP, only CWP. You need FMSA to get IWP. I appreciate the suggestion, but for this particular solution, I literally need it just a few days each year, for one or two users to connect. For this purpose, running IWP from FMP/FMPA works great!




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                Glad to hear it is working for you.  FMSA is nice, but certainly has a hefty price, so I see why your simple and limited needs solution does not justify it.  I hope you're projec runs well this year!