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12.0.5 update appears successful, but FMP is still at 12.0.4

Question asked by ozgobo on Oct 19, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by ozgobo

Hi All,


A newbie to FMPro, upgrading from Bento 4 which I loved. Interesting given I'm an MS SQL DBA. Anyway, that isn't important. I've just run the updater for 12.0.5 and the routine completes and displays a success message but when I run FMP its still claiming to be at 12.0.4. Just to be sure, I did the check updates thing again and sure enough it tells me there is an update to 12.0.5 available. I've also checked the file version in Applications/FileMaker Pro 12 and its at 12.0.4. Just to make sure I wasn't going insane, I also ran the updater again with the same result.


Sorry if this has been posted before.


Cheers and thanks in advance.