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Bug: Creation of readable pdfs with FileMaker Pro (and Advanced) Windows 7.

Question asked by greber on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by greber

With FileMaker Pro (and Advanced) 12.0.4 Windows there is a problem, which did not exist with version 12.03:

When I open FMServer_Sample (or any other local or server based database) on my Windows 7 PC switch to page view and create a pdf, there is a pdf created which allows to search or copy text.

In the picture below, you


selected text.PNG




After Upgrading to Version 12.0.4 I can not copy any text anymore, the created pdf behaves like a graphic picture and the character layer does not exist anymore.


I made the tests also on my Mac with 12.0.4: pdf documents are created as expected.


Has anyone made the same expirience?

Does anyone has a fix, except downgrading to version 12.0.3?