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    quantitative content analysis tools?


      I'm going to do a redesign, all the way from the content level, for a revamp of an existing website that was built with the Filemaker publishing tools and all data contained in the FM DB. Some new materials will be created but there is already a modestly sized database with content that will be used also in the new solution.


      I was thinking to ask if any of you developers and content managers had some suggestions for quantitative content analysis tools available for FM? I'm not looking for very advanced stuff but need a way to get meaningful data about the contents of the database, like amount of posts in a specific table word count, image dimensions, different date ranges and so on.


      We have Filemaker 12 adv. and there's the Database Design report, but I want main focus on the contents and minimal of db meta data. The only thing I could see of value in this report is the amount of posts.


      Any suggestions for tools and perhaps strategies in connection with these?

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          You can try these tools (demo version available)




          Different flavours, test them both


          This one gives you field data pre and post migration


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            The DDR (and related tools) are excellent for producing metadata about the database structure. They don't, however, really give you a good way of analyzing the content of the database (IMHO). Don't get me wrong; that's not a bad thing (I love BaseElements). It's just not what they're designed to do.


            The only way I know of to get the kind of information you're interested in is to build calculations to fetch it. There are several calculation functions that will produce your metrics for you (WordCount, GetHeight, GetWidth), and you can, of course, perform mathematical operations on dates or use relational joins between tables based on a date range (or use ExecuteSQL) to fetch metrics that way.


            Since this is being done on a web content database, I suggest you build a separate FM database and use the web site database as an external source to produce what you need.