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Insert from URL returns error 1631 - Connection Failed, but only for some websites!

Question asked by pthomas on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by pthomas

When using the "Insert from URL" command it will return error 1631, but only on certain websites.


If I put a web viewer on the layout with the same URL it displays fine, but when I run the script to insert from that URL it fails.


I can also open the URL in my web browser with no problems.


I believe the issue is to do with our corporate firewall/proxy (if I jump onto an unsecured wifi connection the script works fine), but before I can raise a job with our IT team I need some more information about how exactly the Insert from URL command works, and what is different about how it connects to a website compared to the web viewer.


Is it using a different port or something? Why would the insert command fail when a web viewer can resolve the site?


Specifically I am trying to get GoZync working, but the script that checks for access to the Internet keeps failing as the "Insert from URL" script step won't resolve:


Any pointers would be appreciated!






edit: Forgot to add that this issue only happens on my windows computer, when I use a mac I don't get the error - they are both on the same network though. Very weird!