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    Insert from URL returns error 1631 - Connection Failed, but only for some websites!


      When using the "Insert from URL" command it will return error 1631, but only on certain websites.


      If I put a web viewer on the layout with the same URL it displays fine, but when I run the script to insert from that URL it fails.


      I can also open the URL in my web browser with no problems.


      I believe the issue is to do with our corporate firewall/proxy (if I jump onto an unsecured wifi connection the script works fine), but before I can raise a job with our IT team I need some more information about how exactly the Insert from URL command works, and what is different about how it connects to a website compared to the web viewer.


      Is it using a different port or something? Why would the insert command fail when a web viewer can resolve the site?


      Specifically I am trying to get GoZync working, but the script that checks for access to the Internet keeps failing as the "Insert from URL" script step won't resolve: http://www.gozync.com/1px_AreYouOnline.gif


      Any pointers would be appreciated!






      edit: Forgot to add that this issue only happens on my windows computer, when I use a mac I don't get the error - they are both on the same network though. Very weird!