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FM 12 05 Adv Custom Menu Duplication

Question asked by synergy46 on Oct 21, 2013
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My membership app is just about finished (Thanks in no small part to the generous time contributions and efforts of members of this forum; thanks!)


I am now in the process of converting the English text labels into Spanish, French and German.


When a user selects, from a popup, Spanish, French or German, the labels change accordingly. The selection is stored in $Language. This works.


I was surprised to find that I can not take my English language Membership Menu, duplicate it and then change the names to Spanish for example. When I edit the Custom Menu Set and change the Menu Name to a Spanish name, the name changes in the 'original' menu set also?!?


It looks like the only way to create a Spanish version of my menu, for example, is to grind out a new Menu Set with new Menu Set names individually.


Or, is there an easy way to duplicate an existing Menu Set, change the Menu Names and *NOT* change the original Menu Names?