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    ODBC DSN information




      I wonder if anyone can shed some light on a question that I've had burning for a long time..


      Why does Filemaker only see System DSN's?


      I have been looking for an answer for this question, but nothing ever seems to com up, only how to create a ODBC connection.


      I can understand from a Hosting point of view, that FMS only sees, and passes on the system DSN, as that may never change. But why when using a file on a local host can you not see the User DSN..





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          I believe that's just how FMI decided to handle it.  My hunch is it just makes things a bit less complicated.

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            I would agree, Lee.

            Most users don't even get that far...

            I certainly wasn't interested in anything other than getting it working.


            - Lyndsay

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              I can agree that it makes things less complicated, but it is also binding as well.


              In a corporate environement, there is the desire to manage to a User level, not just a computer level. For a bit more detail, my frustration is due to a desire to deliver through Citrix, thus single point of software management.


              System DSN's are out of process tasks, so once a single user is connected, they cannot be change if another user tries to connect from the same terminal, who might require different resources. User DSN are in process, meaning that you can dynamically change them per user connection


              I've been trying to avoid having System DSN's of every type of connection, to just having User DSN change through Group Policy upon connection. This would mean that whenever a user tried to access an external source, they would only see the Resources available to them, rather than a list of all the other data sources.



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                Well, in this case, I think your just stuck.   The DSNs should not really need to be changed much once they are setup and working.    You can always submit it as a feature request to FMI.  In the scope of things, I wouldn't get too excited about it.

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                  I'm starting to compile a list of request. Fixing the Active-X problems are a little higher on my list of requests to FMI right now.


                  The want to change the DSN per user, this comes down to wanting to take the next step for my database, and provide software as service to other organisations, then the DSN change is the switching between instances of on the same SQL server.User Group Policy on login activates the change in DSN, meaning they are then connection to their own DB


                  Thank you for the feedback