Correct Way to Update Java Used by FileMaker Server

Discussion created by jdbranum on Oct 22, 2013

I have several Windows Server 2008 systems, some with FMSA 11 and some with FMSA12. Each FileMaker Server installer installs its own version of Java. With some substantial effort, I was able to get FMSA12 to use updated versions of Java 7. Different story, however, for FMSA11, which installs its own version of Java 6 WITHIN the Program FilesFileMaker Server folder. It ignores other versions of Java 6 that are installed in the Program FilesJava folder, which is where the Java updaters install their updates (by default - no choice given as to which instance to update).


Our company IT folks want the current version of Java 6 to be used, but I don't know how to make the FileMaker Server processes use the updated Java files. Any advice as to how to perform the updates?


Thanks in advance,

James Branum

Internal Developer

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California