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    FM 12 04 in Windows 7


      I do most of my work in OSX.


      My Memership app works well. But, in order to put different languages over the tabs I insert Global Variables on top of the tabs. So,

      I might have 5 tabs each with a global <<$$Variable>> on it. So, there would be 25 <<Variables>> positioned on their respective tabs.

      This works too.


      In OSX, when I want to click the 2nd tab <<$$Variable>> I hold the Control key while I click. When I do this, JUST THAT <<$$Variable>> is selected. Perfect.

      However, there does not seem to be any combintion of shift/cmd/alt/fn/window combination which will allow me to select one or more <<$$Variables>> to the exclusion of all other <<$$Varibles>> in Windows 7.


      So, the question is "Is this a Windows 'fault' or is there some Filemaker 'magic' key combination that will do what I want?


      (I do 90% of my work in OSX so I am not as knowledgeable about the Windows v of Filemaker or Windows)

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          The only modifier key that works in Windows is Shift. I believe that the documentation indicates that other keys should work, but I have tested this a fair amount and only Shift works for me. I have heard from others that they get the same result. My testing was with FMP11, but I don't think anything has changed with FMP12.




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            Thanks for the reply.

            I suspect your observation about shift is correct.


            But, just to be clear, I have been clicking outside the $$variable and then dragging into it and it works.


            However, neither this technique, or using the shift key work when a tab object is within a tab object.




            In this case, the 2nd tab 'Candidate Fees' is selected and it seemingly impossible to select <<$$Progress>> .... No dragging will work.  No shifting works... Locking the tabs and then dragging does not work.  Is this by design?  Or, is it a 'Windows thing?'


            Thanks again



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              I don't know for sure, but would guess it is FileMaker on Windows. In my modifier key testing on FMP11, I never did anything with TAB controls.



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