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Restricting records in Layout

Question asked by ianmcarter on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2013 by ianmcarter

I have backgorund in Oracle but I'm still learning about best way to go about things in FM.


I would like to restrict records viewed in FM layout.


I have a three tables

  • Bank
  • BankTransaction
  • BookMaker


I have a copy of BankTransaction table called BMTransaction.


I have following relationships

BankTransaction>-----------Bank (FK_BankID - PK_BankID)

BMTransaction>--------------BookMaker (FK_BmID - PK_BmID)


To distinguish between the transaction types I have a type field called Type (BM=BMTransaction / BANK=BankTransaction).


I have two transaction layouts (one for each transaction type). When I'm in each layout I would only like to see transactions for the layout I'm in, so when in Bank Layout, I only want to see transactions where type = BANK and when in BM Transaction layout I want to see transactions where type = BM