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Issues in replicating "Bonsai" model of relationship and layout

Question asked by hafeel on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by timwhisenant

Hi there


I am developing a patient database with tables - client, visit, history, prescription etc. I would like to have a single window for quick entries where client details as the current table for the layout and others to appear on tabs. For example "visit" table is one one tab. I want this tab to be used to enter patients each visit and show the past records on left or right side sorted on (desceding) dates. I looked at the example of BONSAI from FM training series, but failing to understand the script on that tab to add records. Can anyone help by explaining the logic of such scripts. Screen shots are attached. (I am not a database expert, just medical person with FM as a hobby, loving FM !!)


Thanks in advanced