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    iBeacon - GPS accuracy iPad & FMG


      I'm trying to improve the gps accuracy of a FMG installation on iPad.


      Does anyone have any information of experience in iBeacon, its range and it's intergration into FM?


      Are there other stratagies / equipment that I can couple with the iPad to improve location accuracy?




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          My understanding is that iBeacon requires an infrastructure of hardware, most logically being indoors. For instance, you go into a store or a mall that has iBeacon, and you can get offers based on where in the store you are standing, even make payments. It uses Bluetooth LE, so it's range would be limited to whatever that is.

          It is not something that can just be used anywhere.

          Where are you using the iPads? Are you using the models with a cellular antenna or just Wifi? The Wifi-only models do not have a true GPS system, only Wifi-based approximation. I know a lot of pilots buy the cell version, just for the GPS.




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            I'm using GPS enabled iPads in the outdoors. The hope is that by setting up say 12 iBeacon hotspots I can get an accurate position <<±10m that aGPS now offers.

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              OK. I guess I'm not that familiar with the specific hardware required for iBeacon, but it sounds like you are on the right track. I also don't know if FMGo would have to specifically support iBeacon, or if would just be a system-level enhancement to the GPS location services. Good luck. It will be interesting to hear what you come up with, and what it ends up costing.




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                I've been compiling a short list of techs that might work. I'll try to test one, but for now, here is the list:

                Gimbal - This is a system of Bluetooth enabled beacons

                Redpin - Wireless signal triangulation

                Wifarer - Similar to Redpin but more polished

                IndoorAtlas - Uses compass sensor and is free


                I'm going to start with IndoorAtlas. Check out this thread to follow any progress: Indoor positioning system - HOWTO request

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                  i know this is old post - but add a badelf GPS / GLONASS lightning plugin dongle - 10x faster for $99