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Ordering Values selected from a value list

Question asked by jbrown Expert on Oct 25, 2013
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Good morning, It is me again!

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I've developed a technique that allows a user to dynamically select the pieces of data that he/she wants to show on a line graph. Such pieces of data might be: Detentions, calls home, incomplete homework, merits, demerits. The data is summarized in a STudentSummary table at the end of the week and is available to show on the graph, showing just the counts of each of those data points.


I use a global field with a value list that matches the attributes to be selected and put on the graph:

Calls home



Incomplete Homework


(these are alphabetical)

I use a check-box format to allow the user to select multiple points of data. The user could select on Detention and Incomplete homework, or they could select merits and incomplete homework and calls home. BY clicking or unclicking on any of the points of data, that piece of data shows up on the graph or disappears from it.


I've found that the return-delimited list that is created from the check box is deteremined by the order in which the value list lines are selected. SO if I click on Detention, then Merits, then incomplete homework, the contents of the field looks like this:




Incomplete homework

(not in the original order).


Is there a way to reorder the contents of this return-delimited field so they always stay in the original order (alphabetical order), no matter in which order they were selected?


This ensures that when the graph is read, the first Y-Series is always the first kind of data sorted alphabetically. Example:


Detention info = y-series 1

Incomplete homework = y-series 2

Merits = y-series 3