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How come the radio button is not checked while I can find it in the edit box?

Question asked by liyangao on Oct 25, 2013
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I imported some data from filemaker 7 into filemaker 12. One filed is TimePoint, defined as text and formated as a radio button with a value list of "Baseline", "1-Year Follow-up", "2-Year Follow-up".


Something weird happened. Those with time point of Baseline and 1-Year Follow-up are consistent between edit box and the radio button. But for those with "2-Year Follow-up" in the edit box, why is the radio button for "2-Year Follow-up" is not marked accordingly?


So I know the data is imported correctly but the radio button is not showing accordingly for "2-Year Follow-up".


Any hint on how this happened and how to fix it is highly appreciated.