Find records Using Set Field

Discussion created by kaiviti on Oct 26, 2013
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I am trying to write a script that will use produce a found set in the table "pilotage_ROUTEBUILDER" based on the field "pilotage::routename". I thought I could write a scrip that would use Set Field to place the value of "pilotage::routename" into the search field "pilotage_ROUTEBUILDER::routename". The script so far looks like this:


Go to Layout ["Routebuilder" (pilotage_ROUTEBUILDER)]

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [pilotage_ROUTEBUILDER::routename ; pilotage::routename]

Perform Find


I have made a match field in both tables using a ficticous value and setting every record with the same value. The relationship between these two tables is now a many to many relationship. I have tried the set field many times and mainly it does nothing and at other times it will paste a value that is not from the field I set it to. I have also tried using a local variable and with the same results. What am I doing wrong?