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Filemaker Spelling

Question asked by davidsan on Oct 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by davidsan

I have a Filemaker solution that is accessed using a Filemaker Pro 11 Client in a Windows machine. Windows XP on this particular machine is in English. However, the report the person has to fill is in Spanish.


If I change the spelling language for the report to Spanish, it works correctly, but as soon as I close FileMaker Pro and reopen it, the spelling dictionary is in English by default. It does not make any difference if the interface of the FileMaker is set to Spanish or English. It seems like the spelling dictionary resets to the Windows language.


Does anybody know a way to configure the spelling dictionary to be in Spanish always? Could It be something weird with this particular Windows installation? (I had to ask permissions to the IT department in order to install FileMaker on this machine).