FileMaker Pro 12 Sharing and Mavericks slow

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Just as a heads up:


We're having multiple sites using our product reporting slowdowns. These sites are using FileMaker Pro 12v5 shared on Mac OS X Mavericks.

The slowdowns are still occuring after Spotlight reindexing has finished. The machines involved have all done PRAM, Permissions and Disk Verifies after installation of Mavericks.


Obviously, since they are sharing, these are low client numbers (typically three to seven).


Energy setting on Computer Sleep have always been set to never on these machines (Mountain Lion and prior)

Display sleep has been set to 15 minutes in the past (Mountain Lion or prior)


On Mavericks, the slowness goes away by changing Display Sleep to Never and unchecking Enable Power nap.


Early days but it looks like something in the new power management stuff in Mavericks (App Nap, Compressed Memory, Timer Coalecesing???)


Since the sites are remote from us, we're trying to get to the bottom of if the workaround is necessary only on the sharing computer or on each of the FMP12 clients.


Since there is a workaround, we're not terribly concerned about it but is definitely and noticably happening.


Also open to any thoughts from the community.


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