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Mysteries of the Modal Windows

Question asked by artdoc on Oct 27, 2013
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Reading other messages about modal windows has me convinced my question is about as silly as it gets! But here goes...


I spent time yesterday trying for a good way to get a modal window to pop up for a simple A•B=C problem. I mean, could it be any easier? Enter two data chunks and get a result?


I had it working, but here's where the problem came up that I couldn't find a way to solve: I wanted a clean dialog box: title, close button, no scroll bars, no options. And using New Windw script did that...sort of. When I'd move my nice clean modal dialog window I'd find a second widow hiding behind it! That first widow was a standard window with all the features of a developer's window.


I switched to using a Move/Resize window and that actually came closer to what I wanted, but I never found a script step to remove the status line at the botton that allows changing from browse to layout, etc' I decided my customer would not notice or care, so I went to show him the new calculator. It didn't take him 30 seconds to ask what the stuff was along to bottom?


So this morning I gave up on modal windows and added a script to run an applescript, and it's pretty slick for at least two rasons: 1) it's always in the middle of the screen even as the estimate sheet scolls on to new portal rows, and 2) it's an easy Command+1 to call it so a button dosn't scroll out of view.


So as I said, a silly question! Have I not found the right way to create a new dialog to "skip" the first shadow window? I tried naming it then renaming the second one and closing the forst: did not work. Do I need to freeze the screen and do close window twice? Seems wrong!


And what the heck is that botton line of info called? and why can't I script it away?


So I will now play a bit with applescript to see if I can fiddle with the sizes of the window and the text, so my problem is actually solved, but I hate to not find out how I missed the boat with FM's dialogs. The styling is so much better.






PS: FM Prro Advanced 12.0v5, Mac OS 10.9