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    Bug in Substitute?


      I'm building a list of values that has multiple items per line. When the second item in the list is a long string the substitute function used to put the line items into a list I can use to set fields with seems to stop or fail. So I only end up with the first two values. Is this a bug? Has anyone else seen this?


      The formula to build the list looks like this.




      ProductList::Item & "|*|" &

      ProductList::Descriptions & "|*|"

      ProductList::UnitCost & "|*|" &

      ProductList::Formula & "|*|" &

      ProductList::SELECT_AREA & "|*|" &

      ProductList::SortOrderLine &"|*|" &

      ProductList::ID & "|*|" &



      To extract the data I use:

      Substitute( GetValue($IDlist; $lpos ); "|*|" ; ¶ )


      For the set field script steps, I use GetValue().



      It is the Description value that is long and seems to be causing the issue. If I change the order and put the Description value last, I get all of the items. So I have a work around.