Go To Object - Screen Does Not Update To Show Object

Discussion created by sechrisman on Oct 28, 2013

In a FM GO database, I was using GoTo Field, but as we know the keyboard pops up. I then tried the GoTo Object Function to go to an object that is currently "off screen" further down on the form. It does not work properly unless some other object or field on the form is active (has focus) first. Steps to replicate problem:

1. Open DB, click on button with GoTo Object script.

2. Screen stays at current location. But if you scroll down the object is selected

3. Manually or using a script to activate another field or object first, then do click same button, the screen updates and shows the part of the form where the target object is located.


Using the same db on desktop, and the GoTo Object script works the first time and everytime as expected.


View the attached simple form, if you want to see it in action-- just make sure the "down here" button is not currently showing on the screen, when you press the "move down" button.



Surely this is a bug. Anyone else have this issue? I know we can do the extra step of going to another field/object first, but I thought I would mention this as it would be cleaner to run the script without the extra step.