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    Cross platform runtime..


      I'm running FMP Adavanced on a Mac. I have designed a solution for tech support company but they run on Windows.

      • Does my liscense for FMP Adv allow me to download the Windows version also?


      I'm thinking there is a way to bind without purchasing a Windows version of FMP Adv.. (right?) Could not locate a disscussion that anwers my question..


      Thanks for any direction.


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          The FM license does allow you to install it on another machine, as long as you aren't running them concurrently. The install files for both Windows and Mac are included in your download link, or at least there is a link for both.

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            Thanks Joshua,


            When I try install FMP ADV on a Windows machine I get a msg that a "qualified product can not be found"..  I'm installing a machine that has never had FMP on it.  Is that problem?

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              Aglaysh, you downloaded the update. You need your original purchase email with the link to the full copy of FMP advance

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                Thats the ticket...  Thanks all.  Up and running now.  Appreciate the assist.



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                  I've run into this too. It's too bad that you can't compile for either platform from one.


                  Out of curiosity, does anyone run Mac, but use Parallels or VMWare for x-plat development? Just curious if that gives you the same experience, or if you need to run on a separate machine (or boot camp) to test accurately.




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                    Benjamin Fehr


                    It's verry important to make sure that you use / determine identical Binding Key on Mac's RunTime Building as well as on PC!

                    Though yours solution will be x-plattform compatible.



                    I work on Mac OS with Parallels. When performing Runtime Building on Windows, Parallels allows me to access the FM-Files on the Mac. Though same source-path for RT-Building for both OS'.

                    I couldn't spot some specific differences between Windows under Parallels AND Windows on a PC.

                    It's important to do in-depth testing with different systems anyway. This might even include Mac 10.9 down to 10.6 (10.6 is what I specify as Minimal Requirements for my solutions).


                    Talking about deployment. I use Mindvision's FileStorm for Mac and SMI-SmartInstallMaker for PC to build Installers.

                    … and YES, I'm writing all ressources into C:\  directory on PC. To get along with UAC (User Access Control) up from Win Vista, my installer is running a VB Script to set "all access" to "all users & group"

                    for my entire solutions folder.