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Replacing an FLMP data source by an SQL ext source in a Table Occurrence

Question asked by remyperonne on Oct 28, 2013
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I have a question for anyone who already integrated an SQL source in FLMP.


For further web deployement,

I would like to replace an FLMP data source by an SQL data source in a Table occurence called "Extraits" in my solution.



I have set up an SQL database on an SQL server that has the exact same fields as my FLMP Table. (same creation order, same names, same types ...)



I have imported all my table datas into my SQL database.



I have selected this SQL data base as a new FLMP external data source.



I have gone to my FLMP TO's graphic editor and selected my "Extraits" table.

Then I have selected the external SQL data base as the data source.



My problem is that in my graphs & models, the fields don't match.


If any one knows about this I'd be very happy