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    newbie Q: Is there a way to bulk import into container fields? + Can I speed up the process by...


      Is there a way to bulk import container fields?

      The best thing I can think of is creating a list view of records and just drag and dropping them, which I figure can't be the most optimal way of going about this.



      And... can I speed up the process by functionally cut/pasting or moving the file into the database [I'm using external storage] instead of functionally copy/pasting the files into the database?

      (The files are quite large)


      Since I'm using external storage, I was hoping that if I moved the files into the folder, then opened up the solution and drag/dropped those same files into their respective containers, the solution to detect that the file was already there and simply link them, instead of copying an entirely new file and renaming it with a (1).