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    Layout naming


      Following on from the recent thread about good development practice, I'm refreshing the naming conventions that I tend to use, which are largely those suggested at filemakerstandards.org. But the suggested standard for layout naming seems a little woolly, and I'm keen to get this right. Do you have a suggestion re. what works for you? I'm especially keen to incorporate some reference to the device (iPhone, iPad, etc.),which wasn't really an issue when I last thought about this.





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          Hey Dave,


          I usually try to include some reference to the Table Name that the layout uses. For example, I may call a layout Customer Detail if it is based on the Customer table.


          The Detail portion of the layout name leads to my second preference, which is to specify what kind of view mode is this layout supposed to be (Detail or Form, List, Table)


          Finally, like you, if my layout is meant for iPhone or iPad, I will have that there too.


          So, for a layout that is based on the Customer table and will be used on the iPad, I may call it "Customer Detail - iPad"



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            I encourage anyone to also post their ideas on the Google Group for FileMakerStandards.org, where it might percolate up to update the conventions.

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              I did plan to add a comment on filemakerstandards.org, but couldn't find how to join or otherwise participate (only to log in).  Could you point me to some instructions?