Batch posting/best practices

Discussion created by dns on Oct 29, 2013
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Background: New to FM12, have developed or modified a handfull of simple FM10 databases. I have extensive experience in filePro database development (starting back in 1983).


I am currently contracted to redevelop one of my old filePro databases, going to FM12. The old database (and my "old" way of programming) was to create a temporary transaction file (table), which would then be posted into the main database file. For example, a job-cost application -- labor transactions would be posted to a separate temp/holding database file....edit list printed...approved by manager....then those transactions posted into the permanent transaction file by running a "Post Transactions" script, and after posting, that file would be left empty, until new transactions entered.


I see a few ways to do this under filemaker...but what is the generally-accepted way to do this?? A table for 'temporary' transactions much as I have been used to in filePro, or a flag (field) on each new record entered (and and "edit" list would just pick up and print those flagged items, and posting would un-flag them), or a flag showing an approved/posted line item, or ????.


Thanks for the kick in the right direction...