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    Is this possible?


      Hey guys,


      So I'm attempting to use FileMaker to create a very simple check in/check out process. What I have is 30 employees and about 10 devices so very small scale. I would like to have QR or barcodes for each employee and have QR or barcodes for each device. I would like to create something that is basically an excel spreadsheet where employees could scan the device and scan their ID and have the info record a time stamp. Upon scanning the device again, it would record another time stamp "Checked In". At the end of the week or month, I would like to be able to print out these reports for auditing purposes to see when people used the devices. So this sounds like a very elementry task but for the life of me I cant find a simple solution without paying a ton of money for features I really don't need.


      Thanks in advance, beating my head against the wall hasnt fixed the issue yet lol