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WebViewer fun (and question)

Question asked by mbraendle on Oct 29, 2013
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in the attachment, you find a Five-in-Row (or Japanese: Gomoku) game I had made with FileMaker and the WebViewer.

It was used as a demo at German FileMaker Konferenz 2013 to show how one can implement pattern matching using n-grams.

It is still unfinished. Currently, it recognizes which player wins (i.e. has 5 stones in a row, horizontal, vertical or diagonal), but any intermediate pattern (e.g. two intersecting 3-rows) can be defined as well for move analysis.


Now the question: There is small problem with the WebViewer for which I have not found the cause even by tracking with Script Debugger.


If you open the file and start a new game, then place a stone on a line intersection, the WebViewer resets after the first move and forgets about it. So you get two black stones as move 1 and 2 and with move 2 black-white alternation begins.

If you start a new game again (using New game button), this does not happen and one has correct black-white alternation starting with move 1.


I assume it is some sort of timing problem. But maybe I just have overlooked something simple.