Sub summary report with concatenated text field

Discussion created by duncanbaker on Oct 30, 2013
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Hi folks


I'm looking for some ideas on how to tackle something. Consider the scenario:

I have multiple events happening per day

I track how many people attend each event on the event record


I have created a sub summary report with totals of the number of people that attend the events on each day during the course of a month and the grand total for the whole month. It looks like:

Date: Number people

10/1/2013 10

10/2/2013 23

10/3/2013 15

Total 48


This is fine, but on the event record I may also enter some text in the Notes field. How could I get an additional column on my report to show a concatenated version of all the notes fields from that day? For it to be more useful I guess having the date and a colon prior to the text would be good.


And while I'm at it, given this text could be none or very long, what's the approach to having this concatenated field on the report expand vertically to accommodate as much text as is there? Is it sliding or anchors or?


Hope that all makes sense, but let me know if not. Thanks for any tips.