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    differing pdf downloads via iwp and web browsers


      Morning All


      I can cope with FileMaker's foibles- it's 3rd part software that drives me nuts. Is it the same with you?


      We've made available to suppliers pdfs and jpgs via iwp. Extremely easy to set up and use. Thanks FileMaker.


      So via the browser window and iwp

      [1] jpgs you just drag and drop on to the desktop to download. Wonderful.

      [2] pdfs from Adobe Illustrator if you drag and drop you just get a weblink, but you can click and it downloads the pdf which you can open. Great.



      [3] pdfs from Impact (packaging software that drives cad tables cutting profiles) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y5Y8vsblD4 whether you drop and drag or click on it, you just get a weblink. Frustratingly no way of downloading it. I've tried everything I can think of.


      I've tried it in various browsers and platforms but get similar results. Has anyone come across variations/issues with pdfs? And even more crucia l- has anyone any solutions or suggestions?






      I've attached a pdf of both

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          It definitely SOUNDS like an encoding issue coming from impact itself. I wonder if something like supercontainer would solve your issues at all. 

          Given the lack of updates in the past three releases of FM for IWP, I'm not sure how much support you'll be able to get for a super-contextual issue like this. Before tonight I hadn't even heard of impact, and I do a fair deal of hobby CAD work on my own.

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            Thanks Mike.


            SuperContainer might be the way to go.


            We've had this IWP system live for the last few months and it's only one supplier saying he's downloading a web link rather than the file. Further research my end is suggesting it's an operating system cum browser issue. I always assumed that a pdf was a pdf - but not so. Each programme writting the pdf isn't guaranteed to do it exactly the same way and at the other end each pdf reader isn't exactly the same. And when you stick in the middle an operating system and a browser asking it to download it well....


            It seems if you vary the operating system (ie XP; Windows 7, 8; TS Server; Mac OS...)

            Then vary the browser (ie IE 8,9,10; Chrome, Safari, Firefox...)

            the result is... not always what you would expect.


            thanks again