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IWP Through IIS?

Question asked by alanlarsen on Oct 30, 2013
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I am an MS Access/Sharepoint user drawn to try filemaker because of its promise to make it easy to access and edit data over the web and via ios devices. I purchased FM Pro 12. I am not well versed on web technolgies so please excuse my questions if they seem too simple. Here we go:


  1. I have a contact database I want my secretary to update via the web and/or FM Go. She does not have FM installed, so it seems IWP would be great for this?
  2. I tried to run IWP, but failed. Maybe someone can help me? Details follow:


IWP problem:


Right now, successfully comes to my server and runs a simple html file with a "Hello world" welcome and two links. The first goes to google with no problems. The second points to the filemaker pro 12 IWP which I setup as This does nothing. Its probably something simple, but I'm not smart enough to understand. My router captures all addresses pointing to and sends them to this server ( where IIS7 is running. IIS 7 sends traffic for to this simple index.htm file... I'm wondering if I should have the router send directly to



Thanks for your help!