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    IWP Through IIS?




      I am an MS Access/Sharepoint user drawn to try filemaker because of its promise to make it easy to access and edit data over the web and via ios devices. I purchased FM Pro 12. I am not well versed on web technolgies so please excuse my questions if they seem too simple. Here we go:


      1. I have a contact database I want my secretary to update via the web and/or FM Go. She does not have FM installed, so it seems IWP would be great for this?
      2. I tried to run IWP, but failed. Maybe someone can help me? Details follow:


      IWP problem:


      Right now, leader.ysa232.org successfully comes to my server and runs a simple html file with a "Hello world" welcome and two links. The first goes to google with no problems. The second points to the filemaker pro 12 IWP which I setup as This does nothing. Its probably something simple, but I'm not smart enough to understand. My router captures all addresses pointing to and sends them to this server ( where IIS7 is running. IIS 7 sends traffic for leader.ysa232.org to this simple index.htm file... I'm wondering if I should have the router send leader.ysa232.org directly to



      Thanks for your help!


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          IWP runs on the ports setup by IIS (or Apache if on a Mac) because FileMaker itself is not a web server.  The default ports are 80 for unsecured and 443 for secured.  I don't think you can change the ports FileMaker uses for IWP inside of FileMaker.  You can only control things in IIS.  I am speaking without experience in this area because I haven't used FileMaker Pro for IWP in a really long time.  But I do use it regularly with FileMaker Server without a hitch and the FileMaker Server install pretty much sets up everything for you automatically. 


          IWP is not FileMaker Pro and has a lot of limitations at this time (we hope this will change in the near future with 13, but it is not out yet).  Light duty web access remotely is OK, but you'll probably be unhappy trying to get her to use IWP primarily.  I know you are thinking like most people first do that a web page is a great solution to not buying another copy of FileMaker Pro, but it really isn't worth it in my opinion, at least in version 12 and before. 


          FileMaker Go is a whole different situation.  It is the FileMaker app and not a web page.  FileMaker Go will work seamlessly just like it does on FileMaker Pro on your computer. 


          My recommendation is that you get her FileMaker Pro on her computer and use FileMaker Go on her iPad/iPhone and things will work much more easily. 


          IWP can be made to work, but expect to spend more time working out the differences between the FileMaker app and IWP. 

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