Displaying Embedded Video and other files

Discussion created by rharrigan@fracmed.com on Oct 30, 2013
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Wwe have recently have an issue with loading up video (.mov), PDF files and other files that are supported via FileMaker according to the list of supported files.

The issue is that when I upload any of these file types, and then try to display them on the iPhone (Have not tried other platforms) I get the following Message:



IOS 7.0.2

Iphone 4S and 5

Recording Video using the camera from FileMaker into the container field works just fine


When a recorded video or audio is imported into the container from the device, the following is displayed


MP4 Audio


Remote : Track 17.m4a M4A :Images/Image/Track 17_1.m4a


We rely very heavly on Video and audio for our application and this has been an issue for at least 5 months. Does any one have any solutions?