Tutorial Documentation or Installation Discrepancy

Discussion created by jeffbriggs on Oct 31, 2013
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I found a descrepancy between where the FMPA Tutorial Document directs readers to find the sample file it refers to.


fmp12_tutorial.pdf states:



The sample file contains data for Favorite Bakery and provides a place for you to practice building the database elements that are described in each lesson. If you need to start over, replace your existing sample file with a new copy. If the sample file was installed, it is in:

FileMaker Pro 12/English Extras/Tutorial


FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced/English Extras/Tutorial

You can also download the sample file from the FileMaker website by visiting:




However, no such sample file was installed in my "standard" installation, as it clearly is not in the cited directory:





Windows 7 (64bit)