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    Tutorial Documentation or Installation Discrepancy


      I found a descrepancy between where the FMPA Tutorial Document directs readers to find the sample file it refers to.


      fmp12_tutorial.pdf states:



      The sample file contains data for Favorite Bakery and provides a place for you to practice building the database elements that are described in each lesson. If you need to start over, replace your existing sample file with a new copy. If the sample file was installed, it is in:

      FileMaker Pro 12/English Extras/Tutorial


      FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced/English Extras/Tutorial

      You can also download the sample file from the FileMaker website by visiting:





      However, no such sample file was installed in my "standard" installation, as it clearly is not in the cited directory:





      Windows 7 (64bit)



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          I'm pretty sure that it's assuming that advanced users don't need sample files. The PDF is titled fmp12_tutorial, not fmpa12_tutorial. If you visit the link you quoted, there is a fmpa developer guide there, which says nothing of sample files whatsoever. I wonder if the installer for the regular version places the samples as you note?


          Also, as you note, there is a link that does take you to the page where you can download those sample files (and more), just in case it was not in the files installed by the regular FMP installer.