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Relinquishing full access username/password

Question asked by jbrown Expert on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

Good morning,

I'm new to the world of taking on clients on the side. I've been an in-house developer but am thinking of branching out.


A point that was brought up in my discussions with the client: When should I give up the full access username/password? The argument that was presented to me was the hit-by-a-bus statement: If I'm hit by a bus, no one can get into this file.


I was about to comply to the request when I realized that the fact that I have full access to the file while it is in development and I'm continuing the work gives me some sort of protection. If the job is close to being finished, the client could easily take the full-access information, give it to someone else and have them continue to develop without finishing paying me.


So two questions:

1. DO you as a developer give up the full access info to a file that you use during development?

2. When do you give it out? IS that agreed-upon timeframe built into the contract?


It it certainly withing the right of the client to take the file to someone else if they're unhappy with my work. But what about my protection?