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    Need Help with Excel export:Columns instead of Rows


      I have an education data base of students and each has 600 standards they must pass. The students are in one table and the standards are in another. If I just choose to export into Excel I get 600 rows for each student with 3 columns: Name, Standard, Status, where status tells whether the student passed the standard or not. The name is repeated 600 times, once for each standard.


      I need the excel report to have the first row be the field names of Name, standard 1, standard 2,..., standard 600 and then row 2 through 201 to be the 200 students with their corresponding status for each of the 600 standards. In other words I need it to look like the table below.


      Name Standard 1 Standard 2 Standard 600

      Jones Passed Passed Passed

      Smith Failed Passed Passed

      Tucker Passed Passed Failed


      Does anyone have a easy way to do this?


      I sure would appreciated any help on this.




      Brian Garman