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    iPad Air


      Just got a new iPad Air. I had already optimized my code using best practices for FMGO 12 and I can see a noticeable speed improvement. Couldn't be happier at the moment, A7 rocks. Has anyone else had similar experiences?


      Jeff England

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          Have mine on order.  Can't wait.  Hoping FMGo is much more responsive.

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            Sounds fantastic. Could you please expand on what you said about optimising your code?





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              There isn't one magic bullet to optimizing your code rather little things that can be done all over. For example making sure you optimize your graphics so they look good but have a smaller file size. Using committ records at the appropriate times, to just name a few.


              People have posted very good resources on these forums and others to help the community. Also keep an eye out on some of the free devcon videos as they are released some of them contain very valuable information on this topic.

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                Just got mine as well. I love it. I have not been able to get into FM GO yet, but can't wait to verify your findings. Speed boost is always welcome

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                  I can confirm that the iPad Air is an absolute game changer when it comes to FileMaker Go 12.


                  Going from an iPad 3 (which is not much faster than an iPad 2) the difference in performance is dramatic (easily 5 to 8 times faster.)  More complex solutions will really benefit from the new A7 processor.


                  I have not tested FMGO 11 yet.  But there is not much point, as it currently can no longer be purchased.

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                    We have seen several behavior issues with the iPad air and FM go 13. We have 6 iPads that vary from gen 2 to air. O also confirm a LARGE difference in speed. Most noteably processing several thousand records during our sync process.



                    Even with starter solutions included with FMGo 13 download, we have had issues with inserting into container, and today I see that even set field on our solution behaves differently. ONLY on the air.... All the other iPads behave correctly, and this just bugs me to no end.see this link: