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Conditional Formatting not formatting???  FM 12 Advanced

Question asked by synergy46 on Nov 3, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by synergy46

My membership application is being converted to accomod French, German and Spanish. I am using global variables to hold the values. The 'Labels' layout (Shown below) is where I define the variables and their translation.


In this example I have defined $$Deceased to hold the English, Spanish, French and German translations as shown. This works well.


On my report, I have a sub summary are that breaks on Members::Status. This works. I thought I could define a Merge Variable ($$Deceased) to get red text and a yellow background when Member::Status = "Deceased". Not only does this NOT occur, but all the break values are the language equivalent for "Deceased" regardless of Status... ????? Huh?


Below is the report.


It seems like the Case statement should work but given that the formatting does not occur it looks like things are evaluating as 'false'. But, I can clearly see that the STATUS value is "Deceased" and should be true.


Waz going on? Can you see it?


Thanks for reading