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    CAUTION!! Maverick Glitch with Send Mail!!


      I have a 7 year old solution that from the invoice layout (in one script) stores the recipient emails into a variable $eMail which looks correct in Data Viewer. It then saves a PDF of the invoice then uses Send Mail via E-mail Client; To: $eMail;......


      The Emails in the 'To' section of the generated email were random emails from my address book!!!!


      I have tested this in v12 on Maverick and v13 on Maverick and it went bad both times. Tested on v12 Snow Leopard was ok. It did not happen last month and I did not have Maverick then, just Lion.


      This does not appear to happen with a single email, only Multiple email addresses (more than 3) and appears to be something to do with the comma separated characters so 3 or more commas.

      I switched out the commas for semi-colons and FIXED!



      This would have sent a client invoice to 5 different clients!

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          what is your locale and what is your list separator (of Maverick) set to?


          Please create a simple file (no fields necessary) zip and mailto:winfried@fmdiff.com so I can check this file for the locale and the list separator.



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            I'm in Boise, Idaho. Maverick has a list separator?.. wow, yesterday I discovered my Mac still has an ethernt port! How do i find the list separator in Maverick?

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              Sorry datamate,

              I couldn't find it either in System Preferences, but it exists, since FileMaker takes it from the system when it creates a file. I assume a semicolon is used if a comma is either used as decimal or thousands separator.


              I would not blame Maverick for the problem.

              From your description of the problem and further investigation I think it is a simple List Separator problem.


              You say the variable $eMail looks correct but don't say how. Is this variable showing Commas or Semicolons?

              How do you build the recipients list?


              With one of my applications (FMDiff or FMVis) for FileMaker this looks like this:


              Global Setting “Default Locale” 


                   language: German

                   listSep: ";"

                   leftQuote: "“"

                   rightQuote: "”"

                   decimalSep: "."

                   thousandSep: ","

                   dateSep: "-"

                   timeSep: ":"

                   encoding: Unicode

                   morning: " vorm."

                   afternoon: " nachm."

                   amPmString: ""






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                The content of $eMail that fails looks as it should in Data Viewer. address@provider.com, address@provider.com

                The content is referenced from a static field. I also changed the Send Mail step to pull the content from the related field (the static field) instead of using a variable and had the same problem. I tried on multiple records with different email addresses. The results were consistent.


                In the case of multiple commas, after the Send Mail step created the email the To addresses are completely different from the value that was in the $eMail variable or the related field.

                I inserted 4 emails addresses separated with commas into the Send Email step and the result in the generated email was 5 completely different emails.


                I can understand the email step not recognising the separator but in these cases the emails are still coming thru separated as expected in both cases, comma and semi-colon, so what ever goes bad still separates without failure.

                The real issue here is the random emails being inserted as a result.

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                  Do not confuse lists in Mail with lists in FileMaker.


                  The Send Mail step is in FileMaker and hence needs FileMaker separators. When passed to Mail these (";") are silently converted to what Mail needs (","). So DataViewer should return "name1@domain.tld; name2@domain.tld".

                  Simply ignore how Mail deals with that string.


                  Maybe that passed comma triggers a re-lookup of text fragments in your Contacts, using the first match. This is something only you can confirm since you know what goes in and comes out and what matches your contacts. Mail always tries to complete the name from the address book.