How to make an Add to Contacts that pulls from one window (phone log) to place in Contacts?

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I am wondering if someone can help me script my 'Add to Contacts' window so that it pulls from one table (Phone Log) to make a new record in Contacts.


I have a table and layout named Phone Log that phone activity can be recorded. I want to be able to enter the caller's information and then upon realizing thatthey are an important person... ie will have continued communication, the user can press the button 'Add to Contacts' which pops up a new small data entry window that will create a new record in Contacts. I have a similar one made in another layout. However, what I'm struggling with is that this one I want to pull the Caller's name from the Phone Log and populate the first name line in the pop up small data entry window. I tried changing the Name and Phone field on the layout to pull from the Phone Log... but it caused the addition to create a new record in Phone Log with the Name and number and a new blank Contact record. Can anyone help?

Currently I have this script written:


Thank you




11/04/13 sorry the screenshot did not stick, hopefully it does this time around.