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Image Inverts upon Insertion

Question asked by richardsrussell on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2013 by richardsrussell

So I was much smitten with FMP 12's ability to generate thumbnails in whatever size you specify and ginned up a little database that would let me insert an image and then display it in several different sizes:

• ginormous (432 x 720)

• super (216 x 360)

• large (144 x 240)

• medium (108 x 180)

• small (72 x 120)

• tiny (36 x 60)

Then I could click on the one that was the size I preferred, copy it, and paste it into the outgoing e-mail (or wherever) without taking up unnecessary space.


So far so good. But then I went to insert an image of a stuffed toy cow, taken by my iPad, and FMP flipped it vertically. It did this regardless of how I tried to get the image into the target field, by using copy-and-paste, by using the "Insert Image" command, or by drag and drop. Here you can see the database file (top) right next to the preview of the image as stored in my file system:


Upside Down Cow.png


?Que pasa?