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    Image Inverts upon Insertion


      So I was much smitten with FMP 12's ability to generate thumbnails in whatever size you specify and ginned up a little database that would let me insert an image and then display it in several different sizes:

      • ginormous (432 x 720)

      • super (216 x 360)

      • large (144 x 240)

      • medium (108 x 180)

      • small (72 x 120)

      • tiny (36 x 60)

      Then I could click on the one that was the size I preferred, copy it, and paste it into the outgoing e-mail (or wherever) without taking up unnecessary space.


      So far so good. But then I went to insert an image of a stuffed toy cow, taken by my iPad, and FMP flipped it vertically. It did this regardless of how I tried to get the image into the target field, by using copy-and-paste, by using the "Insert Image" command, or by drag and drop. Here you can see the database file (top) right next to the preview of the image as stored in my file system:


      Upside Down Cow.png


      ?Que pasa?

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          I use routines in my InsideScan plugin to rotate these. Several other plugins can do that. I've noticed that images taken one way on my iPhone and then inserted will be shifted.


          Now I suspect that iPhoto on your device can probably rotate the original before you put it into FileMaker.




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            I have not come across this in FM but I have in some other image display contexts where an image was originally taken "tall" (with the camera rotated 90°). In some display systems it will autorotate to display in its vertical orientation, but in others it will display lying sideways. So my question is, does this happen with every image you insert, or only some of them? If it is the latter, then can you change the behaviour by changing the offending image, say by opening it in Photoshop or other image editor, rotating it and resaving it?

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              Ron's post came on just as I posted mine. The point I am making is that I suspect some programs (and I think iPhoto may be one) simply DISPLAY images correctly but not actually rotate them. That is why I suggest trying to change the rotation in an image editor.

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                I couldn't say what else it occurs with, because these were the first 2 I took with my iPad that I tried it on, and I stopped trying after getting these surprising results. None of the images I've taken from other sources (typically downloaded off the internet, a few that I created via screenshots or graphic programs) gives me this inversion effect.

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                  In that case I suggest you try opening the two images in an image editor (Photoshop or similar), invert them if necessary, and save them under a new name. I suspect this version will behave normally.

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                    After perusing the above advice, I opened the original image in GraphicConverter, did a "Select All" and then a "Copy", went to my database, clicked in the image-entry field, and did a "Paste". It worked just fine.


                    I still have no idea why it didn't work in native FMP, but at least now I know how to deal with it.


                    FWIW, in case anyone else would like to make use of my "Image Resizer" file, I'm attaching a copy of it to this message.