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Chart legend

Question asked by dburnham on Nov 2, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2013 by jbrown

I have a chart (column chart) in a sub-summary part where the X-axis is correctly displaying the values in a set of 20 records. I expect that the Legend will identify each of the bars (each bar corresponds to one record) by its name.


When I first began working with the chart, the legend displayed all 20 colors, each one tagged with the corresponding field value. Now, I can only see one record in the legend. That is, I cannot get the legend to display the identification of all 20 records.


But if I switch it to a pie chart, all the labels appear correctly in the legend.


Can't figure out what to look for in the chart setup; there doesn't seem to be an option other than to identify the data series to be used for the legend. I don't know why a pie chart shows all the records, but a column chart does not.


What am I missing?