Web Publishing Engine maxes out on one script in IWP

Discussion created by HarveyMcArthur on Nov 3, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by mikebeargie

We are running several IWP hosted databases using FMSA 9.0.3 on a quad core Xeon. This is in a virtual envoronment using VMWare. Typically we have 4-5 simultaneous users accessing the databases from their browsers via the internet.


A couple of the databases have report scripts that handle a lot of data and can take 20-30 seconds to run. When someone runs one of those reports, the CPU usage of the Web Publishing Engine shoots well over 100% and people using other databases get hung up until the report script in the first database finishes. Very annoying, of course. Is this expected behavior for FileMaker Server Advanced? Given that it is supposed to handle up to 100 IWP sessions simultaneously, shouldn't the WPE continue to process other users requests while running the report script from the first database?


Any suggestions or reports of similar experiences would be much appreciated.


Harvey McArthur