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    Dynamic Reporting


      Hi All,


      I have been challanged today with creating dynamic reports, so in true fashion, I decided to cheat and get the opinions from as many people as possible. I am looking for a way to make very dynamic reports, I will use inventory as an example:

      I need a report where the user can search and sort based on whatever critera they want without having the have certain fields on a layout. So for inventory a user may want to see all the inventory for today, and then go back and see what the inventory level was a week ago. Then again, they may want to see what the inventory was a week ago for just 3 parts. I know this can be done as a power user and using native filemaker functions but I am looking for something a little more inventive. Here are the important things to me:


      1) Accuracy

      2) Correct Titles (ie. if you search for current inventory the title is current inventory)

      3) Speed

      4) Speed

      5) Easy to use (does not have the be easy to delvelop, I am a pretty old hand at developing)

      6) Did i mention speed?


      I am looking at ExecuteSQL into a new "Reports" database right now, has anyone tried reporting like this, is it faster then a find and sort?


      Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts - any thoughts help!



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          You can certainly build this type of report using a virtual list technique, and a form-builder preferences table. However, since the report needs to build in realtime, I'd imagine your mileage will vary in terms of speed.


          ExecuteSQL() is limited in the performance benefits it offers, especially when it comes to summary functions (sum, count, average, etc..). In some cases, ExecuteSQL() can dramatically slow your reporting performance. You will need to think about that.


          Accuracy and Correct Titles will mostly depend on your development of this soluton, as will ease of use. You will want to budget considerable time for tweaking to maximize the speed of your scripting. You might want to look up HOnza's guides and products to boosting speed:



          Lastly, I'd advise doubling whatever hour estimate you've already given this person that "challenged" you to build this. Custom reporting that's not using the native FM tools is always more difficult than you think it will be.