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    Combining Tables In Filemaker


      Hello All:


      I'm new to using filemaker and would like advice on how to combine tables.


      I get sales data from two sources -- Amazon.com and from an ecommerce platform. I want to combine this data into one table so I can create an inventory tracking system.


      If I was combining data once, it woudl be easy to just map the fields when importing. However, I am going to be doing this every month and I'm concerned that one day I'll make a mistake when mapping and destroy the records in the data base.


      I would much prefer to import the two files separately each month and then somehow combine them into one data table. (The field names do not match between the files.)


      What is the best way, if any, to do this.


      Kind regards,



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          Hello, Mark. Welcome to FileMaker.


          Anything you do on a routine basis is a candidate for automation. First, it minimizes the chance of error. Second, I'm lazy and hate doing more work than I have to.   


          In a case like this, I presume you have some sort of unique key available for the incoming data? If so, you should be able to use that key to refresh any existing records, while simultaneously adding new ones in either a single table, or by using that key in a final table after you do as you suggest and use a couple of staging tables. Either way, I suggest you write some scripts to automate the task. Include error checking to make sure what you get is what you're expecting (because sometimes data sources can change on us), and allow hold points for you to spot-check the incoming data.


          Hopefully, that makes sense. Let us know if you have specific questions.



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            Mike's idea is what you need to do.  Get a script to automate the imports.  And if you have FileMaker server, you can schedule the script to run monthly in the evening or some weekend so it is getting work done while you are not.