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    Good Filemaker Advanced Courses


      Is anyone offering, or have been to a good Filemaker Training Course on more advanced topics?


      I am looking to attend one in December and would like, to not waste my time.


      Jason Farnsworth,

      Midland, Tx

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          +1 for Lynda.com - good quality material, well presented, in manageable chunks - BUT not "advanced" enough.  Obviously they want to appeal to the widest market, but a module of more advanced hints and tips (about, say, virtual list) would be so welcome. (I'm still struggling with that one!)



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            Agreed. I've been through just about everything Lynda.com has to offer. It's very well presented and easy to absorb, plus you can go back and re-watch segements. They are broken up into very bite-sized pieces. I also wish they had some more advanced stuff, like virtual list, more ExecuteSQL and more in-depth web stuff - I would love to see a "PHP for FMP" course.


            The FTS is decent, but a bit dry. The "FileMaker and Me" iBook has some good stuff. There are a couple of PodCasts that have good info. Local user groups are great, and I'm hoping to make it to a Pause on Error one of these days.


            Oh yeah… and this forum ROCKS!


            This is the first I've heard of jumpstartfm.com… it looks pricy, but for the rock-star line-up, that is to be expected.


            Lots out there… I'd love to hear what other resources people recommend.




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              I have been thinking about running a PHP for FM course...

              I have 2 German interns and will be having to go thru the process anyway...

              If there is enough interest I'd love to do it...


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              Lyndsay Howarth

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                Hi Jason,


                The first thing, what is your experience with 4G DBMS and programming in general. As they say you learn the craft by doing.

                If you are a junior better to start from the beginning lynda.com is not too expensive.

                If you are mid-level add the FileMaker Training Series.

                If you are a senior then FTS will be fine + web siminar here.


                Good luck.


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                  Hello Shawn,


                  So you'd recommend "Filemaker and Me"?  I've downloaded the few sample pages, and it looks interesting.



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                    Dave, I do recommend it. Granted, it's not going to be a "Master Class" - but it is full of good little tips for the intermediate developer. It has a lot of fun stories about Michael Rocharde's experiences over the years, plus some great layout examples. I appreciate that he doesn't seem to have a set "style" for everything, so you see a lot of variety of layouts. It is a little quirky, but fun. I heard him on the FileMaker Talk podcast, and that intrigued me enough to buy it. I think English is not his first language (French, if I remember?), so there is some interesting grammar, but nothing horrible. Money well spent, in my book!


                    My only dissapointment is that his follow-up book (FileMaker and You, I think?) that he talks about has not come out yet.



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                      I bought, read and enjoyed The "FileMaker and Me" iBook:



                      If you only pickup one useful tip it will likely be worth the low

                      price...and you will likely pick up many more that one.


                      Plus, the money that you spend does not go away...it only moves around the



                      All the best,



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                        Thanks for the feedback,


                        This question of training is a bit of a quandary, in that the training needed is not always realized until two weeks after the course.


                        I have looked at Lynda.com but feel it is theorem based rather that applied. Theorem is great for something's, however at times it glosses over and assumes a lot about the student.


                        I feel that to best suit my needs, I will book some time off a current Certified Trainer and ask that they cover the core content as they would in a classroom setting to catch the small often over looked things. Then spend the next couple days covering needs, and predefined questions for a better more rounded and applied approach.


                        I if I have learned anything from all this is that you don't know what you don't know!


                        What are your thoughts?


                        Jason Farnsworth

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                          Agreed about the "you don't know what you don't know" thing. The problem I have with learning is that I don't learn it if I don't USE it. Therefore I don't usually try to learn, until I have a purpose for it. Of course there are things that I hear about and think "that sounds cool… I'll probably want to use that someday" and file it away in my head. But that doesn't mean that I know it. Hopefully, when that day comes, I'll remember that method X is out there and hopefully I'll rememeber where I heard about it and be able to re-visit that reference… or remember enough about it to find it online.


                          Always learning,


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                            That is the first really sensible solution... some tailored targeted training.... with a bit of mentoring built in.


                            I do a bit of training from time to time...just to get out and meet people. Sometimes it is classroom style so I am stuck with someone else's content... but mostly these days it is on-site and customisable to the client. That is the most satisfying. I get to help them build something they need via the necessary outline of 'the course'. Some realise that they have too much to learn and I get a job. Others decide they want to get better and I do remote planning and support sessions as they require them. I have clients who still plod along after 10 years who call me in for a difficult bit.


                            The only thing that really makes a good developer is a lot of experience developing... lots of different stuff.... and keeping abreast of things others are doing.


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                              Jason_Farnsworth wrote:


                              I if I have learned anything from all this is that you don't know what you don't know!


                              What are your thoughts?

                              Hi Jason,


                              Often it is not only the FM techniques that you need to have under your belt, but the translation of your business processes into a structure that can be coded into a workable solution. Paying some hard earned dollars to a developer who can guide you in through that planning and early implementation process can sometimes be your most valuable investment.


                              It was for me and I'm sure that many other competent developers got started and gained a lot from participating in that process -- especially so for an inhouse developer when we sometimes cannot see any wood for all the trees.


                              Good luck!!